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Lisa Martin visits local Miata Club in Central Florida, and is invited on a "Drive Out" with the Club. The run includes a visit to the Mclarty Treasure Museum and then lunch down in Vero Beach. It was a fantastic day all around.
About the Museum:
Situated on a survivors’ camp of the ill-fated 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet, the museum features artifacts, displays, and an observation deck that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. An Arts and Entertainment production—The Queen’s Jewels and the 1715 Fleet— is shown, telling of the fleet’s return to Spain when a hurricane struck off the Florida coast nearly 300 years ago. Still today, salvagers work to recover gold, silver, and the "Queen’s jewels" that were lost to the sea and its sandy shores.
Come and experience why this area has come to be known as the "Treasure Coast." The McLarty Treasure Museum is located on the barrier island at the north end of Indian River County, and is part of the Sebastian Inlet State Park.

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